Certified Best: Who Says?

Our people do! And honestly, it makes sense, because they are the ones that make it so great.

As the marketing team for the firm, we’re uniquely skilled at noticing what makes something special, and telling that story. So we’d like to take a minute to highlight what we think is so great about working at LandDesign, accompanied by real feedback from our people.

A culture of caring

We are actually friends! Some might even say family. And it transcends the organizational hierarchy, departments and offices. There is no leader who is too busy to have a conversation with someone, whether about work or life.

“The leaders get into the trenches with all employees. There is a sense of 'you have our back' when it comes to challenges that may arise. It forms the culture and builds trust.”

Beyond these walls

We thrive in a culture that is supportive, fun, healthy and engaging. That means having time to make our lives meaningful, both within these walls and out, within our families and our communities. There is a strong commitment to work-life balance and support for peer-organized volunteerism.

“I believe LandDesign is always striving to be the BEST it can be in our community, and especially, for employees. Having a work/life balance is a very hard thing in this world, but LandDesign does work with employees to try to create a good balance.”

Always moving forward

We are truly a design-driven firm who is always looking ahead! We are never satisfied with the status quo and always question ‘what’s next?’. While we celebrate our victories/talent, we are always striving to be better…

“Working for LandDesign has been an important time in my career. It is a place where people are valued and ideas are encouraged at every level of skill. We are an innovative, forward-thinking, ever-evolving company. It is really great to see leadership constantly plugged into where the firm is headed and the people who are going to get it there.”

We are who we are

And that’s something to be proud of, as proven by the eager response to our recent employee swag rollout! In all seriousness, employees seem to know that any ask will always be given consideration--be it a project they want to be involved in, an initiative they want to start or a new tool they need or want to do their job better.

“I truly believe that this organization, more than any I have worked for, gives me the challenges I want in work, the projects I am most passionate about, the tools and resources to be successful, and the balance in life I need and never had prior to starting here. I absolutely have no reason to not recommend LandDesign to any colleague of mine, nor brag about my employer to anyone who will listen.”

All hands on deck

The reality is, our culture isn’t a top-down approach--it’s really about letting the employees make LandDesign what they want it to be, and giving them the freedom to do just that.

“Everyone has a part. LandDesign is made of a hardworking group of people who are completely dedicated to making this a great place to work.”

LandDesign was recently named one of the Best Places to Work by the Charlotte Business Journal, and has consistently received Best Places to Work awards across our offices. Our culture is shared down our long hallways across the firm, and is part of what makes us so proud to be a part of this beast!