Inspired By Design

2018 was a year of inspiration! We designed the heck out of some places and made them matter too. But, before we get to designing our way through 2019, we’d like to look back at some of our favorite projects of 2018.

Crystal City, Crystal City, VA

Before Crystal City became part of National Landing (looking good, Amazon), LandDesign was already working with JBG Smith on the rebirth of Crystal City as a 24/7 community. Given that Crystal City is practically in our backyard, this project hits close to home for our LandDesigners in DC. Through the transformation of the existing infrastructure of open space and streetscape, our designers are looking to create meaningful and accessible public spaces and amenities for current and future residents. The design will create a balance between a mix of uses and reshape the area for a new generation. As Crystal City begins this amazing transition, LandDesign is excited to be a partner and neighbor in crafting a new vision for the region.

Town Center Corte Madera, Corte Madera, CA

LandDesign has been working with 505Design on the renovation and reimagining of the Town Center Corte Madera. The most rewarding and challenging part of the redevelopment was the South Entry Plaza. Proposed demolition of the plaza was deemed too great an undertaking, so our designers worked to present a design solution to cover the existing infrastructure, but still using it for structural support. The result is a design that adheres to the upscale feel of the Town Center and creates a functional space for shoppers to gather. Coordination, collaboration and dedication to this project added to the overall success of the final design.

South End, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte’s post-industrial neighborhood of South End has been beaming with opportunity for decades, waiting for someone to see its potential. Now, just about every developer in the area is trying to get their hands on the golden ticket that is South End. This year, LandDesign has been a part of design teams that are redefining this district as Charlotte’s go-to destination for retail, dining and entertainment. Our part in bringing South End into the future includes creative stormwater solutions at The RailYard, a new multi-family development, working with retail experts, Asana Partners to piece together a vision for the Design District and upgrading Atherton Mill to a true transit-oriented mixed use development. LandDesign is an advocate and partner to the South End community every step of the way. (The new Jeni’s doesn’t look too shabby either.)

Asana Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX

Adaptive Reuse isn’t a trend that should be left in 2018, but a major part of 2019’s identity. LandDesigners in Dallas, TX are working with Asana Partners on the adaptive reuse of two historic buildings located in the Deep Ellum community. This small urban design development shows what collaboration means at LandDesign. Our landscape architects and civil engineers are working alongside Asana to discover a design solution that is right for Deep Ellum. The design takes into consideration the urban, industrial character of the community, while also providing a fresh design to position this retail center for success. With a scheduled completion of first quarter 2019, we can’t wait to see how this development will continue to service the growing region.

That said2019, we’re coming in hot!