Lincoln at Tinner Hill Wins NAIOP VA Award of Excellence for Mixed Use Project

The NAIOP VA Awards recognizes new contributions to Northern Virginia by the commercial, industrial and mixed use real estate community. Lincoln at Tinner Hill received the Award of Excellence for a Mixed Use Project.

LandDesign was invited by Lincoln Property Company to create a design for Lincoln at Tinner Hill, a mixed use development to act as a central hub for the City of Falls Church Arts and Cultural District. With the goal to maximize the usage and density of valuable land, the development is activated on all sides at a pedestrian level, encouraging pedestrian traffic and patronage to new and existing businesses.

Located on the site of the Tinner Hill Monument, much of the design was inspired by the community's Civil Rights roots and desire to preserve local history. The streetscape and building facade along S. Washington Street are designed to celebrate the authentic stories of individuals who have contributed to the heritage of Falls Church, and whose families remain active in the community today. The pedestrian walkway features an engraved timeline outlining significant moments in the City’s history. Design elements were also inspired by the community's past, including a rare pink granite found on the Tinner Hill monument that was the inspiration for the color and material palette for the exterior of the project.

The entire project team worked with dedicated community organizations, members and City staff to ensure the project would service the needs and wants to which they aspire. This LEED certified project is expected to improve of net income to the City between $600,000 and $1.2 million.