Henderson, NV

13 Cloud Chaser Boulevard

Las Vegas Shimmer Meets Mojave Allure


Completed 2017


SB Architects




Landscape Architecture

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Maximal Luxury, Minimal Palette

The Ascaya Estate inspiration home is comprised of premium drought-resistant material and plant palettes. Residents are immersed in luxurious resort-style living that blurs the threshold between indoor and outdoor.

Inspired by the very land it inhabits, this property attracted the highly sought-after SB Architects. Nestled in the McCullough Mountain Range overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, this 7,200-square-foot estate embodies a style dubbed desert contemporary, defined by softening the distinction between indoors and outdoors. LandDesign helped create a seamless transition by complementing the built home with the natural, native plantings and landscaping, achieving harmony between stone, wood, steel, and glass. The triangular site welcomes visitors through an intimate entry courtyard before ushering them back outside to witness breathtaking vistas alongside countless amenities such as a yoga deck, sunning deck, fire features, and an edgeless spa and pool facing the valley.

Our Vision

Mirage in the Meadow

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Imagine the site, and by extension, the landscape–<em>a</em> <em>fusion of the shimmer of Las Vegas, the engineering feat of the Hoover Dam and the vast natural beauty of the Mojave Desert</em>. The design pays homage to the original moniker given to Las Vegas by Spanish settlers, “The Meadows,” through deliberate native plant and color selections. The outdoor space is designed with the capacity to cater to a range of users and events, from a romantic anniversary weekend to a Fourth of July celebration. The boundary between indoor and outdoor is blurred, using water as one means of doing so, creating an oasis in an arid environment. Water, mirrors, glass tiling, and rich lighting show off the dazzling glamour characteristic of Las Vegas in an authentic yet trademark display of splendor. The home protrudes from the rock face with free-standing walls, elevated pools, and long overhangs to give the illusion of floating and extension towards the horizon. Initial entry spaces are intimate and enclosed, but as one moves through the home towards the back of the property, spaces lighten and open to expansive views.

The Challenge

Transcending the Limits of an Odd-Shaped Site

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A restrictive triangular site made it challenging to create privacy with intimate spaces while also capitalizing on the majestic vistas on a very tight lot. The site also made it difficult to make use of both the front and the back of the property; the front signified entry, but the back had all the views. LandDesign helped to situate the home in a series of terraces to direct the views while transitioning seamlessly between domicile and native plantings, creating instant immersion in The Meadow.