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Expanding to Give More

The Healthcare Associates of Texas pride themselves on their ability to develop deep, personal connections with patients. Creating a place that reflects their transparency and thoughtfulness for the people they serve is essential for translating who they are to the community they love.

The Healthcare Associates of Texas came from humble beginnings. Two doctors shared a single office, serving their patients despite the constraints in space. Over the years, the community they called home began to grow at an exponential rate. To keep up with the sudden growth of the local population, they expanded the personal, family-oriented atmosphere of their office to fifteen more locations. As time continued to pass, they understood their need to evolve and enhance their next site to better support the community that has continued to support them.

The three most important aspects to the design included: personality, sustainability, and accessibility. From these core factors, LandDesign planned the exterior experience surrounding two buildings that spoke to their original vision. Today, these two buildings, each over 65,000 square feet, see thousands and provide pharmaceutical, dental, vision, and sleep therapy services to all. Through the expansion of their already quality care, they are now able to have the capacity to care for more people.

Our Vision

Growing and Maintaining Tailored Quality Care

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LandDesign and Healthcare Associates came together to imagine a development to become a medical hub for the local residents of Irving, Texas. The designated spaces assigned to each medical service eliminates overlap in patients and empowers more focused care. Unique solutions for every person date back to the Healthcare Associates’ upbringing. Their understanding of individuals is reflected in the current design and speaks to their continued cognizance of who they serve. The opportunity to create a more cohesive environment for both patrons and staff continues to guide the project as a standard in how the medical office space can adapt to its people’s needs.

The Challenge

People First in the Design Process

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The Dallas/Fort Worth area has seen continuous upward trending growth, and for the next decade it is projected to keep moving in that direction. Keeping this in mind throughout the design process challenged LandDesign to create a timeless place, one that would be able to remain relevant to the community’s needs for years to come.

In collaboration with additional firms, LandDesign created an integrated environment that would provide a sense of connectedness to the surrounding area. For outdoor spaces, the team utilized greenery and stonework to make the location feel like a seamless addition to the area.

Taking into consideration the volume of people the facility could receive daily, the team planned for a large amount of parking space and having mass transit in proximity for patrons. Tackling the issue of accessibility brought forth the issue of safety. This was another opportunity to put people at the heart of the methodology. LandDesign developed a protected pedestrian walkway through the lot to place an emphasis on patient safety and provide a prescribed way to traverse between buildings for all their healthcare needs.

By applying a clear, detailed vision, LandDesign created a place for physicians and other providers to focus more on their day-to-day activities, serving patients with great care. Now, the Healthcare Associates have a new home for their family to care for those that need it most.