Musings of a Hoosier in the Land of the Pines

[caption id="attachment_2545" align="alignleft" width="150"]CROWDERS MTN Crowders Mountain, Gastonia, NC[/caption]

By: Katie Klug, Landscape Architect Design Intern 

Aside from an exceptional firm, a unique location was one of the qualities I was looking for in an internship experience. A born-and-raised Hoosier, I was seeking to expand my boundaries outside of the Midwest this summer. LandDesign has provided me with the opportunity to check both of those boxes on my internship list.


Charlotte is a geographic gem!


Seasoned travelers often preach about the power of traveling and wandering, as it exposes and opens one's mind to the outside world. Beyond exploring new landscapes, immersing oneself in different cultures is refreshing. As a student of landscape architecture, I may be biased, but I agree with Yi-Fu Tuan's theory of topophilia, or in other words - people's natural bond with, or affinity for, place. Charlotte and the surrounding regions have an excellent sense of place. So much so, that it is easy to feel connected here.


[caption id="attachment_2547" align="alignright" width="113"]Catawba Falls, Old Fort, NC Catawba Falls, Old Fort, NC[/caption]

Today, it's easy to get swept into the current of a fast-paced, plugged-in world. As contemporary designers, we shouldn't forget about the lessons of our ancestors. Take Lawrence Halprin for example, who drew much inspiration from hikes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and preached about the ever-changing and cyclical nature of nature.


In the short time I’ve had to explore my new City, I have been able to fuel my wanderlust and travel to some notable areas with breathtaking landscapes. I have visited Crowders Mountain in Gastonia, NC; Wilmington Beach in Wilmington, NC; Historic Downtown Charleston, SC; Sullivan’s Island in Charleston, SC; Raven Rock in Linville, NC; Black Balsam Knob and Skinny Dip Falls in East Fork, NC; Blue Ridge Parkway in Canton, NC; and Catawba Falls in Old Fort, NC.


My adventures in the Southeast have been much more than just weekend getaways to the nearby beaches or mountains, they have been inspirational experiences that will inevitably influence, inform, and grow my designs in the future…all while feeding my affinity for nature. #winning

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