LandDesign Celebrates Growth with New Promotions

Over the past five years, LandDesign has experienced high growth across all five of our offices, more than doubling in size from 120 to 250 LandDesigners. Navigating change, scaling our culture, and continuing to deliver great design services is a priority to us, and we recognize that it takes leadership at all levels to accomplish this amidst high growth. 

The past year tested the firm in unprecedented ways, and yet through our practice, we witnessed tremendous dedication, resilience, and leadership. This makes it especially rewarding to celebrate a large group of individuals with new promotions.

Growing the Firm: Partner + Principal Promotions 

Partners and Principals are instrumental in guiding LandDesign’s firm-wide strategic vision—defining the goals and priorities for the firm and setting a consistent tone for our culture across the offices they lead, in addition to building a strong pipeline of work. This group has demonstrated their ability to lead teams and offices, as well as a capacity for leadership of the firm during this period of growth. Join us in congratulating our newly promoted Partners and Principals! 

Partners: Frank McMahan and Shaun Tooley 

Principals: Adam McGuire, Beth Poovey, Hattie Pavlechko-Reiter, and Joe Giangrandi


Growing the Offices: Director + Senior Associate Promotions

As we experience growth most prominently at the office level, a group of leaders has stepped up to demonstrate their ability to not only meet the evolving needs of their clients and teams, but also consider the needs of the office as a whole. Join us in congratulating our newly promoted Directors and Senior Associates! 

Directors: Allison Merriman Charlotte, NC, Jeremy Icard Charlotte, NC, Kenton Miersma Dallas, TX, Mason Greeson Charlotte, NC, Michael Cipolla Orlando, FL, Rob Keidel Charlotte, NC, and Tareq El-Sadi Dallas, TX

Senior Associates: Aaron Wagoner, and Andrew Schmidt


Growing Studios: Associate Promotions 

Our emerging leaders are recognized for demonstrating leadership at an early stage of their career. They have embraced the firm’s strategic vision, championed culture, and advocated for excellence in our practice. Join us in congratulating our newly promoted Associates!  

Associates: Aly Moniaci, Alyson Beacham, Amy Eliason, Armando Alas, Ashley Feitel, Brian Frederick, Cameron Fox, Chris Cook, Drew Smith, Drew Vanderwert, Greg VierkantJenna Kennedy, Jesse Van Wick, Kaitlin Lamontagne, Max Grogan, Megan Schultz, Nataliya Gurina, Shannen Scott, Stephanie Roa, and Will Talero


Growing Responsibility: Senior Designer + Studio Leader Promotions 

We believe in infinite growth as designers, because every project presents the opportunity to learn something new. We celebrate growth in design by recognizing when an individual has demonstrated they are ready for more project responsibility—either as a Senior Designer who understands comprehensive design solutions or a Studio Leader who understands how to leverage the talent of their team for the best solution. Join us in congratulating our newly promoted Senior Designers and Studio Leaders!  

Senior Designers: Andrew Acuña, Ashley Feitel, Jacob Bennett, Jason Granado, and Philip Smith

Studio Leaders: Andrea Crossett, Christine Harris, Jesse Van Wick, Mark Kime, and Matt Biesecker