LandDesign Opens Doors to the Sunshine State

Since opening our new Orlando office, many have asked, “Why Orlando?” Aside from the obvious reasons, The City Beautiful, palm trees and sunshine, we see Florida as the ideal new location to offer our nearly 40 years of experience in designing great places, both nationally and internationally.

[caption id="attachment_2133" align="alignright" width="206"] LandDesign is located on the 7th floor of the Historic Metcalf Building in Downtown Orlando.[/caption]

Florida is currently adding approximately 900 new residents a day, and recently surpassed New York to become the third most populated state in the U.S. With this growth comes a desire for communities to develop in a smart way, and create or improve infrastructure that will support this continued growth and new development. Our nearly four decades of experience has been built upon bringing visionary design to the development of desired communities, including dense urban cities to new master planned developments. We have created plans for transit, light rail and infrastructure systems that support urbanization and growth, and ensure that open space has been set aside for recreation and enjoyment.

Florida also holds opportunity for LandDesign to bring its experience in large-scale master planning to the state’s large landholders. We believe that the first key to a successful, long-term master plan is a vision. We passionately and responsibly embark upon this approach in our work. Land, and large swaths of land, are not something that we can create any more of – these projects must be planned with the future in mind. We believe that no project should be approached as a commodity. This is especially true in large land projects. A great vision and plan is necessary to ensure that short-term decisions do not handicap long-term opportunity. Our clients know that we understand how to design what people want, create a plan that can be built, bring together the right mix of uses, and work with them to produce the right policies to ensure lasting success of the community.

We have a proven track record of being creative difference makers. Because of our interdisciplinary practice, we can tackle complicated logistic, infrastructure, transportation and technical aspects of a project that are necessary to implement a vision. Especially in the unique, environmental landscapes of Florida, we understand how to bring all of this together in a distinctive and logical way without compromising the story of a place. This approach, unique in the industry, sets us apart from our peers and makes us an excellent fit to create great places that matter.

Our international portfolio includes waterfront destination planning and design, cruise ports and mixed use resort communities allowing Central Florida to be the perfect hub for collaboration with many of the world’s leading design consultants. We believe being located in Orlando provides a great opportunity for us to be that much more accessible to our clients and consultants who are working in places beyond our borders.

We couldn’t be more excited to be here and see LandDesign’s contribution to the landscape of the Sunshine State and beyond!

[caption id="attachment_2141" align="aligncenter" width="3600"]LandDesign President, Rhett Crocker, and COO and Managing Partner of the Orlando Office, Ray Waugh. LandDesign President, Rhett Crocker, and COO and Managing Partner of the Orlando Office, Ray Waugh.[/caption]