LandDesign Receives Highest Honor by the American Society of Landscape Architects

We are proud to announce that LandDesign is the recipient of the American Society of Landscape Architects Firm Award for 2024. As the highest recognition a firm can receive by ASLA, The Landscape Architecture Firm Award is a testament to the integrated practice we have built, our diverse portfolio of work, and history of multi-generational leadership.

From our inception in 1978, LandDesign has been a firm focused on doing great work, with great people. When Larry Best started LandDesign, he was determined to create a firm whose rigor was grounded in honoring the land and working without ego to create implementable plans for his clients. This is why he called it ‘LandDesign.’ The core values that Larry embodied when he founded the firm remain present in our leadership today, five generations later. This is a testament to the enduring culture that has been fostered throughout the history of the firm, and the generational belief that when you do great design, with great people, you can run a great business.

Today, LandDesign has evolved into an integrated practice that leverages the creative tension between planning, design, and engineering to ‘Create Places That Matter’ across the globe. This mission keeps us focused on celebrating the unique opportunities presented in each project to ‘listen to the land,’ ‘listen to the client,’ and ‘listen to the community,’ – and use that to inform a value proposition to which the design responds.

For nearly 50 years, we have built a diverse and dynamic practice, and have worked diligently to keep great design and client service at the heart during growth. We remain true to how we are unique in the industry—delivering exceptional design as a multi-disciplinary firm. Our integrated practice—landscape architects and civil engineers working together—is what makes us unique and why we continue to operate five decades later. As we look to the future, we will continue to be fueled by change, passion for the work, and unwavering entrepreneurship, but with a legacy to learn from and be shaped by.

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