LandDesign Kicks-Off 2022 with New Promotions

We are excited to recognize a number of new promotions across the firm as we kick off a new year. Our continued growth is fueling opportunities at every level of the organization to take on more responsibility, as well as challenge us to change for the better. At LandDesign, we celebrate career growth in two dimensions—as our individuals take on new job responsibilities and as they grow as leaders. We are thrilled to celebrate this group of LandDesigners for being key to our success!

Senior Leadership Promotions 

Across the firm, each of our offices is growing, creating the need for additional leadership within the office and on firm-wide service teams. Matthew Vinten has continued to step up in our Dallas office to provide mentorship to growing studios and inform office operations as we scale our practice locally. Join us in congratulating Matt on his promotion to Director. 

The pandemic challenged us to evaluate our technology infrastructure and Andre Rutland in our IT Department has been key to analyzing the ways we communicate and collaborate during this time. Join us in congratulating Andre on his promotion to Senior Associate.

Growing Studios

These individuals are recognized for their leadership within their teams and offices at an early stage of their career. They have embraced the firm’s strategic vision, championed culture, and advocated for excellence in our practice by taking initiative to make LandDesign better. Join us in congratulating our newly promoted Associates, Andrew Acuña, Caroline Cowan, Da Huo, Gabriela Weber, Jagger Javenes, Jason Fickman, Lauren Delbridge, Lyn Halabi, Mattie Fairchild, Nurain Rafee, Sarah Whiteley, Tiffany Sawochka, and Xiao Cui

Growing in Responsibility

Being ready to take on additional responsibility is an important career milestone. The following individuals have demonstrated they are ready for the challenge through their consistent quality of service, design, and willingness to step up as needed. Join us in congratulating Cassidy Franklin, Danny Bishop, and Joshua Wilcox on their promotion to Senior Designer, Alyson Beacham on her promotion to Marketing Manager and Kaitlin Lamontagne on her promotion to Brand Manager.