LandDesign: The First 40 Years

LandDesign was founded in January of 1978 on the belief that working hard and caring more, matter. As LandDesign's founder, Larry Best, will tell you, there was no grand plan for forming a new firm. He believed he could be successful because it felt right to be driven by a desire to show clients that he was as invested in a project’s success as much as they were, regardless of what it was.

Forty years later, the values that inspired Larry in those early days still sustain LandDesign today.

Being able to continue to provide the best work to our clients has been the driver behind the investments we’ve made to expand our services, our presence and our people. Growth that wouldn’t be possible without clients who have entrusted us to create their visions, collaborators who have worked alongside us and our supporters who have believed in us.

For us, this anniversary isn’t about looking back. It’s about the opportunity we have to look ahead. Opportunity that exists because of our core values that drive us every day: serving clients to our highest ability, working harder than anyone and growing passionate people.

To commemorate our first 40 years, we want to capture and share the ways these values have shaped our work and our culture in hopes that those who read this will keep us accountable to them, ensuring the next 40 years are even better. Follow along on social media to celebrate our past and future growth with us throughout the year.