Brian Forster, PE Named Principal at LandDesign

When Brian Forster joined LandDesign as Director of Engineering in Orlando at this time last year, he was looking for a challenge. Since then, his contributions to growing the three-year-old Orlando office in a prominent resort market have earned him a promotion to Principal at LandDesign.

Driven, competitive and impatient–that’s how Brian describes himself. Others agree, but with some important caveats—we’d be doing a disservice in painting a picture of Brian if we left out his team’s descriptions of motivated, appreciative and humble. His wife says he’s also smart and funny, but Brian says that’s too self-serving (previous point made).

Package this personality and you have one of the top civil engineers in one of the most intense resort markets in the country, where the bar is high and NDAs protect the project work. Here, there is value in quiet confidence. The kind that creates energy behind-the-scenes and drives innovation and problem-solving that permeates across LandDesign’s six offices.

Ultimately, Brian finds significance in his contributions to the big picture. Despite his recent promotion, he still says his greatest accomplishment in his career to date is the first large project where he took the lead, prepared the proposal, and managed the client, design and team. Ten years later, Brian is still involved with the final phases of that project.

“It’s rewarding to see a project that you’ve contributed to, whether it be a resort, theme park or subdivision, be constructed and have an impact on the community,” Brian said.

Brian hopes his impact as a Principal at LandDesign will have similar results, affirming LandDesign’s place as a difference-maker in the Central Florida development community while having a greater influence on the firm nationally.

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