Larry LeMaster joins LandDesign as Chief Operating Officer

Larry LeMaster, CPA has joined LandDesign as Chief Operating Officer (COO). With over 25 years of operations and financial leadership experience in the architecture and engineering industries, Larry is an expert in improving productivity, expanding business, protecting intellectual capital and keeping the technological edge.

As someone who has always moved freely between the worlds of business and art, he is passionate about standing beside artistic designers to help them build a studio, an office or a worldwide practice. His role at LandDesign will help strike a balance between our free-thinking process and organization and structure.

Larry has a proven track record for helping businesses in our industry grow new offices, expand their reach, and strengthen their brand. His passion for the arts, his affinity for business, and his personal mantra of “Make It Matter” make him right at home on our LandDesign team. Connect with Larry on LinkedIn HERE.




What matters to Larry:

  • Spirituality matters.
  • Family matters.
  • Physicality matters.
  • Exercising the mind matters.
  • Art matters.