2017 Intern Class Kicks-Off Their First Week with a Design Charrette

By: Emma Davis, Marketing Intern


New people, new office, new project, and for some, a new city. This is what our newest class of interns took on as they started their first week at the Charlotte office.


After some introductions, a tour of the office, and a trip around surrounding Charlotte neighborhoods, the interns went right to work on a current project in the Design District of South End. The intern class was split into two teams, each composed of seven individuals of varying fields. From civil engineers and landscape architects to urban planners and marketing majors, the interns had to bring their skills together to create a final product.


Within a three day span, the interns were responsible for creating an identity for the site, analyzing the site inventory and surrounding area, and generating detailed plans for the project’s design. Each day of work was followed by a critique provided by the charrette managers and other staff members. The experienced designers gave the interns insight to the strengths and weaknesses of both the project design and presentation. From the given advice, the interns were able to focus on what they needed to accomplish in order to improve upon their initial design concept.


Thursday arrived, and the teams hurried to complete all tasks in order to give the client and designers throughout the office a clear presentation of their unique plans for the project. Site maps, vignettes, precedent photos, objective outlines, and master plans covered the walls as the interns prepared for their presentations.


The interns were eager to show off their designs and compilations. This project would be their first chance to showcase their skills to the LandDesign staff. How did they do? Jeff Mis, a charrette leader, commended the group, “These interns were fantastic to work with, and the civil and landscape designers worked extremely well together. It is a strong group we have!” The interns not only proved their ability to create exceptional products, but also their ability to work with others of a variety of disciplines.


While the charrette could have been viewed as an intimidating task, both teams demonstrated that they were up for the challenge and ready for a summer of interdisciplinary work experience with LandDesign.


To see the final charrette presentation, check out our Facebook Live post.