Discovering Ballantyne Reimagined

Pragmatic Visions Ep. 25 (Part 2)

When repositioning a suburban office park and expansive golf course into an urban mixed-use development, there are a few things you must consider. How will the infrastructure support the long-term growth of the community? How will the roadways and open spaces connect to commercial experiences? LandDesign’s multidisciplinary team is working with Northwood Office to answer these questions for Ballantyne Reimagined.

On this episode of Pragmatic Visions, we sat down with members of our design team, Adam McGuire, Lori Milam, and Matt Weschler, to understand how the inspiring vision for Ballantyne Reimagined will be implemented.

Listen to Discovering Ballantyne Reimagined Part 1 to learn more about the bold vision for this project.

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