Discovering Ballantyne Reimagined (Part 1)

Pragmatic Visions Ep. 25 (Part 1)

Ballantyne is a nationally recognized community that has catalyzed growth in South Charlotte. Today, Ballantyne is undergoing an exciting transformation to reposition its 535-acre corporate park and golf course into an urban, mixed-use destination. For the next two episodes of Pragmatic Visions, we will discuss the journey we have embarked on with Northwood Office to implement their bold vision for Ballantyne Reimagined.

On this episode, we sat down with LandDesign’s Dale Stewart, who was part of the initial planning of the community in the 90s, and current members of the project team, Rhett Crocker and Nathan Doolittle, to discuss the early planning efforts that set the stage for the development occurring today and the long-term plans for Ballantyne Reimagined.

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