Matthew Grigsby, PE Promoted to Director of Design Technology

We are excited to announce the promotion of Matthew Grigsby to Director of Design Technology! Starting his career at LandDesign as a civil engineer, Matthew recognized the potential of 3D modeling to enhance the quality, efficiency, and clarity of his work. As he explored modeling software, he saw the opportunity the firm had to be at the forefront of applying this technology to our workflow as landscape architects and civil engineers.

Matthew successfully advocated for the firm’s investment in a team dedicated to the critical task of understanding the application of modeling technology in transforming the delivery of our services and projects. Matthew knew there was no one-size-fits-all approach to integrating these programs into practice. He identified key areas best suited for their tailored application, including onboarding and training, client experience, and digital project delivery.

Introducing new technology can create a short-term learning curve. However, Matthew’s experience as a civil engineer afforded him an understanding of the consistent pain points technology poses during the design process. His team created a system of intuitive tools and training programs that establish firm-wide standards for model-based design that increase quality and efficiency, and give back precious time to collaboration.

Leveraging model-based design allows us to illustrate our ideas to clients in a transparent, human-scaled way. Matthew says, “the model accurately depicts the underground infrastructure and aboveground landscape so clients can clearly see the end product before dirt is moved.” Within the model, clients can interact with the proposed design and work with us to identify opportunities and address potential risks in real time.

“Matthew has created an entirely new direction for the firm’s advancement in modeling technology. He is establishing a roadmap to fully-integrate programs like BIM, Civil3D, GIS, and XR into our practice, which is paramount to the success of the firm.”

- Rhett Crocker, President, CEO, Partner

As champions of technology at LandDesign, Matthew and his team are developing a roadmap for digital project delivery, which will transform our approach to collaboration, ideation, and visualization. He sees the opportunity we have to be at the forefront of collaborating with other disciplines within an interactive digital model that accurately depicts the land and infrastructure of a site. Matthew also believes mastering model-based design will be the foundation for exploring emerging technologies like AR and VR that will advance our capabilities for visualizing space at the human scale.

Matthew believes there can be no expert in the field of technology as it is always evolving. He looks forward to the day when we are collaborating with clients in an interactive, mixed media environment with no physical barriers and technology has made what we do better.

Matthew’s insatiable appetite for curiosity has opened doors for him to uncover new facets of the profession and align his interests and talents with the vision for the firm. He remarks that, “LandDesign never shut the door on my ideas and I am fortunate to have found a place where I can pursue a passion that creates value for the firm.”

Learn more about Matthew’s unique perspective on the future of design technology in the AEC industry here:

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