What Do Our Design Engineers Value?


In honor of National Engineers Week, we're highlighting the values of our civil engineers through designs that resulted from our integrated practices.








INNOVATION At Duke Kunshan, our civil engineers designed stormwater infrastructure that allows water to rise and fall with China’s dry and wet seasons.

COLLABORATION The multi-disciplinary approach of LandDesign’s civil engineers, landscape architects and master planners to the development of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway resulted in the restoration of a once-polluted stormwater channel into a thriving ecosystem along with a functional and recreational gree­­­nway that has contributed to the economic revitalization of the surrounding community.

SUSTAINABILITY Designed to meet net-zero energy goals, the LPL Financial headquarters obtained LEED Gold Certification through design elements such as the 99% regionally native and drought-tolerant plant palette, the use of permeable pavers for hardscaped areas and a 20,000-gallon cistern that captures runoff from the parking deck.

CONSTRUCTABILITY Infrastructure design for Kingsley Town Center included extensive roadway design, grading, drainage, stormwater management, erosion control and water main design that made the project implementable and constructible.

A GOOD CHALLENGE We faced two big challenges in designing the Discovery at the Realm—the varied topography of the site and the unstable clay soils. Our civil engineers capitalized on these challenges and took the opportunity to introduce a waterfall as a central design feature to enhance the aesthetic and audible experience within the community.