MatterLab Conversations: Green Infrastructure Serving Pedestrians

Pragmatic Visions Ep. 21

The rapid growth of micro-modal transportation is challenging cities across the U.S. to integrate infrastructure, such as cycletracks, multi-use paths, and bicycle lanes, to make it easier for micro-modal users to travel within their community. These facilities are crucial to the success of multi-modal networks, however, they tend to be infrequent, inadequate, and rarely address the importance of protected micro-modal facilities through roadway intersections.
After a successful first round of MatterLab, Jeromy Wegrzyn leveraged the program for a second time to continue his research into micro-modal systems, and examined existing protected intersections for micro-modal users to develop a guide for designing these facilities. On this episode of Pragmatic Visions, we spoke with Jeromy about his experience utilizing these facilities as an avid cyclist and the importance of protected intersections when planning for multi-modal systems.